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 Welcome to our online store, where you can browse our site at your leisure and allow yourself to be carried away on a magical carpet, to a voyage of discovery. Here you can explore our range of luxury handmade botanical soap products and the vegetable-based ingredients used to make them. From the sandalwoods of the sun baked shores of the Indian Ocean and the coconuts of the Pacific, to the flower gardens of Mesopatamia, through to the Jasmines of Africa and on to the citrus gardens of Sicily, Seville, and Marseille. 

So come on and visit our online store and browse through our great selection of natural soap products.

Herbal Medicine
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Herbal Medicine

Our products

At Royal Jardin Soaps we are proud of our unique product range and we consider simple natural  ingredients and exceptionally quality a cornerstone of our philosophy. 

We promise that all are soaps are 100% vegetarian using a blend of natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil.

Moreover when it comes to our soaps we are committed to a policy of -

  • No Parabens or SLS. 

  • No Animal testing

  • No Animal fats, Lanolins or wool fats

  • No excessive plastic packaging

  • No gift wrapping


We try to avoid chemical such as SLS, animal fats and parabens by trying to source natural vegetable-based ingredients including a double butter combination of cocoa, and shea butter as well as other vegetarian ingredients such as castor oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil to create a soap that produces a rich creamy lather. Whats more, when it comes to our own-brand soap unlike commercial soaps we leave the glycerin in our products to help moisturise the skin. With our own brand soaps we also avoid the use of artificial preservatives and apart form the use of colourants and fragrances we avoid the use of synthetic chemicals where possible.

All this is done in a challenging effort to help create a natural, nutrifying skincare product with vitamins and minerals that helps moisturise and cleanse the skin leaving it fealing fresh, invigorated , younger looking, and healthy.


We hope you will continue to support us with your custom and patronage, so that we can continue of provide you with high quality soaps that are both luxurious to use and sustainable to produce.​

So come on and visit our online shop and browse through our great selection of natural soap products.

Natural Soap

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