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About us

Royal Jardin Soaps is a relatively new natural handmade soap manufacturer, based in London, England. We first started out making soap as a hobby, for family members and friends, especially for those with sensitive skin. What started out as a hobby has become our passion, and we are delighted to share it with you. Over time we have worked tirelessly hard to developed and perfect our various formulations into high-quality luxury soaps which we hope you will enjoy using and value time and time again.


At Royal Jardin Soaps we are proud of our unique product range and we consider simple natural  ingredients and exceptionally high-end quality products a cornerstone of our philosophy. 

We promise that all are soaps are 100% vegetarian using a blend of natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, Olive oil, coconut oil, responsibly sourced Palm Oil , as well as Shea and Coco butter.

Moreover we are committed to a policy of -

  • No SLS or Parabens. 

  • No Animal testing

  • No Animal fats, Lanolins or wool fats

  • No excessive plastic packaging

  • No gift wrapping service.


Therefore, at Royal Jardin Soaps we do things a little differently and we take soap seriously. We consider the skin to be he largest organ in the body. Thus, by developing products that promote hygienic, healthy and beautiful skin we are confident you will enjoy and value our products as they will help stimulate both confidence, and general well-being. We make soaps in the time-honoured traditional way, passionately producing, luxurious, sustainable soaps that are environmentally-friendly while following modern quality control standards. , We consistently offer both classical and novel products in our online store to develop our range and scope. 

We hope you will continue to support us with your custom and patronage, so that we can continue of providie you with high quality soaps that are both luxurious to use and sustainable to produce.​

So come on and visit our online store and browse through our great selection of natural soap products.

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