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Kitab Munyatul Musolli Pdf 21l

Kitab Munyatul Musolli Pdf 21l

Kitab Munyatul Musolli (The Book of the Desires of the Worshipper) is a classic work on the fiqh (jurisprudence) of prayer, written by the renowned scholar Sheikh Daud al-Fathani (d. 1132 AH / 1720 CE). The book covers various aspects of the prayer, such as its conditions, pillars, obligations, sunnahs, manners, invalidators, and rulings. It also includes a commentary and abridgement of Manyatu'l Musalli wa Ghunyatu'l Mubtadi (The Desire of the Worshipper and the Sufficiency of the Beginner), a similar work by Sadid al-Din al-Kashghari (d. 705 AH / 1305 CE).


The book is widely studied and taught in the Islamic world, especially in Southeast Asia, where Sheikh Daud al-Fathani was born and lived. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources on the Hanafi school of fiqh, which is followed by the majority of Muslims in that region. The book is also available in various languages, such as Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Urdu, and English.

The PDF version of the book can be downloaded from several online sources, such as [], [Google Play Books], and [Islamic Library]. The PDF file size is approximately 21 MB, which may vary depending on the source and quality. The PDF file contains scanned images of the original manuscript or printed edition of the book, along with some annotations and corrections. The PDF file can be viewed on any device that supports PDF format, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

Kitab Munyatul Musolli is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Islamic prayer and its rulings according to the Hanafi school of fiqh. It is also a useful reference for students and teachers of Islamic studies, as well as scholars and researchers who are interested in the history and development of Islamic jurisprudence.


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