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How to Zip Around the Ocean with Divers and Submarines Passenger Zip

Divers and Submarines Passenger Zip: A New Way to Experience the Ocean

If you are looking for a unique and thrilling adventure, you might want to try Divers and Submarines Passenger Zip. This is a digital album by Passenger, a British singer-songwriter who is known for his folk-pop songs and storytelling lyrics. The album was released in 2010 and features nine tracks that explore themes of love, loss, loneliness and escapism.

Divers And Submarines Passenger Zip


One of the songs on the album is titled Divers and Submarines, which is also the name of the album. The song is about a couple who are drifting apart and longing for a different life. The chorus goes like this:

We're divers in submarines

We're sailors on dry land

We're butterflies without wings

We're lions in a cage

We're divers in submarines

We're sailors on dry land

We're butterflies without wings

We're lions in a cage

The song uses metaphors to describe the feeling of being trapped in a situation that does not suit you. The divers and submarines represent the contrast between the freedom of the ocean and the confinement of the vessel. The sailors on dry land represent the mismatch between the skills and the environment. The butterflies without wings represent the loss of beauty and grace. The lions in a cage represent the suppression of power and pride.

The song is a reflection of Passenger's own experience of being a musician who travels around the world but does not feel at home anywhere. He said in an interview:

"I think it's about feeling like you don't belong anywhere, feeling like you're always on the move and never settling down. I think that's something that a lot of people can relate to, especially nowadays with globalization and everything. It's hard to find your place in the world."

However, the song also offers a glimpse of hope and optimism. The last line of the chorus says:

We'll find our way someday

This suggests that there is a possibility of change and happiness in the future. The song encourages listeners to keep searching for their true selves and their true passions.

Another song on the album is titled Facebook, which is a humorous critique of the social media platform and its impact on people's lives. The song is a series of questions that Passenger asks his Facebook friends, such as:

Do you really need to tell me what you had for lunch?

Do you really need to tell me that you're going for a run?

Do you really need to tell me that you're having so much fun?

Do you really need to tell me? 'Cause I don't really give a fuck

The song exposes the superficiality and narcissism of some Facebook users who share every detail of their lives online. The song also questions the authenticity and intimacy of online friendships, as Passenger sings:

I've got 1,000 friends on Facebook

But I've never met them all

I've got 1,000 friends on Facebook

But I don't have any friends at all

The song is a satire of the modern obsession with social media and the loss of real human connection. The song challenges listeners to rethink their online habits and to value their offline relationships more.

A third song on the album is titled House on a Hill, which is a melancholic ballad about a lonely man who lives in isolation. The song describes his daily routine and his longing for companionship. The chorus goes like this:

He's got a house on a hill

He's got a view of the world

He's got everything he needs

But he doesn't have anyone

He doesn't have anyone

The song portrays the emptiness and sadness of the man's life, despite his material wealth and comfort. The song also hints at the reason for his solitude, as Passenger sings:

He used to have a wife

He used to have a family

But he lost them in a fire

And he never quite recovered

The song is a poignant reminder of the fragility and preciousness of life and love. The song urges listeners to appreciate what they have and to cherish their loved ones.

A fourth song on the album is titled Two Tales, which is a story of two brothers who have different paths in life. The song contrasts their choices and their outcomes, as Passenger sings:

One brother went to sea

The other stayed at home

One brother lived his dreams

The other watched him go

One brother sailed the world

The other mowed the lawn

One brother had it all

The other had his songs

The song reveals the different values and aspirations of the brothers, as well as their regrets and joys. The song also shows how their relationship changes over time, as Passenger sings:

They used to be so close

They used to be best friends

But they don't talk anymore

They don't understand

They used to share a room

They used to share their clothes

But they don't share a thing anymore

They don't even share a home

The song is a touching portrayal of the bond and the rift between siblings. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own family ties and their own life choices.

A fifth song on the album is titled Intacto, which is a Spanish word that means intact or untouched. The song is a love song that expresses the desire to preserve the innocence and purity of a relationship. The song is sung in both English and Spanish, as Passenger sings:

I want to keep you intacto

I want to hold you so close

I want to keep you intacto

I want to love you the most

The song conveys the passion and devotion of the narrator, who wants to protect his lover from any harm or change. The song also celebrates the beauty and simplicity of love, as Passenger sings:

No necesito nada más

Solo tu amor y tu calor

No necesito nada más

Solo tu voz y tu sabor

This translates to:

I don't need anything else

Only your love and your warmth

I don't need anything else

Only your voice and your taste

The song is a romantic ode to the power and joy of love. The song appeals to listeners who appreciate the diversity and richness of languages and cultures.

A sixth song on the album is titled Brick Walls, which is a song about overcoming obstacles and challenges in life. The song uses the metaphor of brick walls to represent the difficulties and barriers that people face, such as:

Some brick walls are made of fear

Some brick walls are made of hate

Some brick walls are made of pain

Some brick walls are made of fate

The song acknowledges the struggle and frustration of dealing with these brick walls, but also offers a message of hope and resilience. The song advises listeners to not give up and to find a way to break through the brick walls, as Passenger sings:

But don't let them stop you

Don't let them bring you down

Don't let them stop you

You've got to break through somehow

The song is an inspirational anthem for anyone who is facing a hard time or a setback in their life. The song motivates listeners to keep trying and to believe in themselves.

A seventh song on the album is titled Crows in Snow, which is a song about the beauty and mystery of nature. The song describes a scene of crows flying over a snowy landscape, creating a striking contrast of black and white. The song also explores the symbolism and meaning of crows, as Passenger sings:

Some say they bring bad luck

Some say they bring good news

Some say they're wise and clever

Some say they're just confused

The song expresses the admiration and curiosity of the narrator, who wonders what the crows are thinking and feeling. The song also invites listeners to appreciate the wonders and mysteries of nature, as Passenger sings:

But I don't know what they're saying

I don't know what they do

I just know that they're amazing

And I want to fly with them too

The song is a poetic tribute to the natural world and its creatures. The song appeals to listeners who have a sense of awe and wonder for nature.

The last two songs on the album are titled Fairytales and Firesides and Community Centre, which are both acoustic songs that showcase Passenger's storytelling skills and folk influences. The songs are based on his personal experiences and observations of people and places.

Fairytales and Firesides is a song about the joys and challenges of being a travelling musician. The song describes the different places and people that Passenger encounters on his journey, such as:

I've seen London, I've seen France

I've seen girls in their underpants

I've seen beggars, I've seen thieves

I've seen dolphins in the sea

I've seen mountains, I've seen snow

I've seen fireflies glow

I've seen lovers hand in hand

I've seen things I don't understand

The song expresses the gratitude and wonder of Passenger for being able to see the world and share his music. The song also admits the loneliness and hardship of being away from home and loved ones. The song ends with a hopeful note, as Passenger sings:

But I know that I'll be fine

'Cause I've got my guitar and I've got my wine

And I've got fairytales and firesides

The song is a candid and charming account of Passenger's life as a musician. The song resonates with listeners who have a passion for travelling and music.

Community Centre is a song about the people who frequent a community centre in Brighton, where Passenger used to live. The song paints a vivid picture of the characters and their stories, such as:

There's Jimmy who's a drunk

He's always falling over

And he smells like shit but says he's sober

There's Sally who's a nurse

She likes to help the people

But she always ends up hurting herself

The song reveals the flaws and struggles of the people, but also their humanity and kindness. The song also shows how the community centre is a place of refuge and support for them, as Passenger sings:

But they all come here to forget

They all come here to escape

They all come here to feel alive

They all come here to celebrate

The song is a compassionate and humorous portrait of a community. The song connects with listeners who have a sense of empathy and humour for others.

Divers and Submarines is a digital album by Passenger that showcases his talent and versatility as a singer-songwriter. The album features nine songs that cover a range of topics and emotions, from love and adventure to loneliness and satire. The album also demonstrates Passenger's ability to create captivating stories and images with his words and music. The album is a gem for fans of folk-pop and acoustic genres, as well as for anyone who appreciates original and honest songwriting. b99f773239


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