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What is over-under betting? Listing the types of over-under bets

For beginners, understanding different types of bets when engaging in betting is essential. Through this, you can acquire some useful tips to quickly secure victories. Over-under betting is thus a topic of considerable interest, and you can find more information in the following article from Win tips to answer this question.

Explaining what over-under betting is

When watching a match, you often notice strong and weak teams, or perhaps two evenly matched teams. However, it usually boils down to distinguishing between strong and weak teams or determining which team has a higher chance of winning. This is something easy to understand, as you can observe it when watching a game. So, specifically, what is over-under betting? This is something that many people, especially beginners, are interested in.

The term "over" refers to strong teams, which have a high chance of winning, and these are the teams designated as "over." On the other hand, weaker teams, which have a lower chance of winning, are generally classified as "under." Beginners can identify over and under bets through various factors such as team reputation, performance, head-to-head history, player composition, and more.

Over-under bets often appear in matches where there is a clear difference between the two teams. Bookmakers analyze various external factors to determine which team is considered over or under. They then provide specific handicap numbers for players to conveniently reference when placing bets. However, these odds are regularly updated and subject to constant change, so pay attention.

What are over-under bets?

Over-under betting refers to the distinction between strong and weak teams in a match

Listing the common types of over-under bets

Currently, leading bookmakers offer four types of over and under bets to players. After exploring what over-under betting is, let's delve into these common types:

Over and under bets with a half-goal handicap

Over and under bets with a half-goal handicap are dubbed as highly regarded bets and are widely chosen in football betting. In reality, this type of bet has a straightforward form. Players participating in these bets will choose the over team to handicap the under team by half a goal.

In the event of both teams drawing, players betting on the over will lose the bet. This is because when choosing a half-goal handicap, these players are giving the under team an additional half goal. When both teams score equally, the under team leads.

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Over and under bets with a quarter-goal handicap

Over and under bets with a quarter-goal handicap are not much different from over and under bets with a half-goal handicap. With this type of bet, the over team handicaps the under team by a specific quarter-goal. The difference is that if the final result sees both teams drawing, the under team will only win half the bet amount. It's not a full win like with a half-goal handicap.

Over and under bets with a three-quarter-goal handicap

Over and under bets with a three-quarter-goal handicap, while not as popular as the previous two types, are quite common in betting. If you bet on the over team, it's certain that your chosen team will quickly win with a specific lead of two goals. If leading by only one goal, you'll lose half the bet amount, or if the match ends in a draw, you'll lose the entire bet amount.

Over and under bets with a one-goal handicap

What does over-under betting mean when the under team is handicapped by one goal? Over and under bets with a one-goal handicap aren't very common because they involve quite high risks. If the final result of the match is a draw or if the over team wins by only one goal, the winnings will certainly belong to the under team. Therefore, the over team must lead the under team by a score of at least two goals. Only then can you win quickly without worrying about anything.

This betting form is quite unique, so players need to clearly understand the situation of the over team. Only then can you quickly place bets without any worries.


Hopefully, the above information will help you understand what over-under betting means in football betting. With this type of bet, you won't need much time to calculate and study. Consequently, your chances of winning will significantly increase when participating. Refer to this guide to swiftly reach your goals at online bookmaker list like FB88.


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