Bay leaf & Olive oil soap

Bay leaf & Olive oil soap

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This  bay leaf soap is made with a gentle blend of

- extra virgin olive

- bay leaf laurel oil

- coconut oil

- aloe vera

- shea and coco butter.


Approx. dimensions  6 x 4 x 7cm ( to the nearest centimetre )

Average weight of each bar of soap is 125g, however this may drop slightly as the water content drops with time on curing.




    This type of bay leaf laurel soap has been made for centuries using laurel (bay leaves). The delicate and mild scent helps bring peace, calm and clarity of thought, protecting both the skin while calming the soul. It  is based on the first soaps ever made by humankind more than 3000 years ago in the alluvial plains of Mesopatamia and the Levant. Sometimes referred to as Aleppo soap, it is still commonly prescribed by some dermatologists to this very day.

    These wonderful soap bars are made using ancient  traditional techniques, where olive oil and lye are naturally converted into soap (saponified) and then bay leaf (laurel) oil is added to the final process. With no animal fats or  chemical additives and only 100% natural ingredients, these traditional soaps are then poured into moulds and hand stamped. They are then cured,  and allowed to solidify and age naturally to form a light  outer crust . The outer surface of this olive  oil based soap goes a gentle  greenish - brown through oxidation over time so colours may vary. The soap is also rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, oloe vera and natural glycerin. Thus, this soap is both gentle and highly clensing to the skin removing free radicals and harmful bacteria to help calm the skin.

    Unlike other similar products on the market this soap has been specially formulated to produces a rich, creamy, moisturising lather, while maintaining  its firm exfoliating properties to the very end,  thanks to the infusion of finely crushed bay leaves. Thus, we are confident you’ll love this truly amazing soap.

    ( N.B. Please note these are handmade products. Therefore, all descriptions, colours, scent and dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly ) .


    Unfortunately for hygienic purposes we are unable to refund or return any of our products.

    While every effort is made to make our products as mild and gentle as possible please read and check the ingredients of each product on the packaging before use. Should you develop an allergic reaction wash area with cool water and seek medical advise.

    Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, wash area with cool water and seek medical advise if this occurs and signs of irritation or allergic symptoms persist or worsen.


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    Minimum order is One bar of soap ( e.g. @ 125g per bar )

    Maximum order is 5kg

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125 Grams
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